• It only takes about 30 seconds to put on the Quest, get the straps adjusted, and set up a few playing space — no matter where you are.
      • You can get in and out of experiences ridiculously quickly, without the system being fuss –  perfect for a party.
      • VR should not take half an hour or 15 minutes to get set up.
      •  Recommended – 2 meters x 2 meters or 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet

We’ve chosen to focus on the Oculus Quest as we feel that it is by far the best currently available VR system on the market. A major part of this is the fact that’s it’s wireless! This gives you the VR experience, putting the more expensive systems to shame.

Also the Oculus Quest is ideal as a rental unit. It’s extremely quick to set up and get playing – which is what you want to be doing!

You may have heard that the Quest’s graphic are of a lower resolution that other formats, and this is perfectly true. It doesn’t have a powerful PC engine to run top-end graphics. BUT having tried many systems we can tell you that it really doesn’t matter. Once you are in the game, your brain doesn’t care about a few missing polygons – it’s fully involved in the experience. And the fact that’s the Quest has no wires actually enhances the experience when compared to other systems.