Oculus Quest Rental

We have play-tested all of the main VR systems, and after about thirty seconds on the Oculus Quest we were in love! Compared to every other system, the wireless Quest offers an unparalleled level of freedom, and allows you to be fully immersed in whatever world you want.

  • VR should not take half an hour get set up whenever you want to play.
  • VR should not take half an hour get set up whenever you want to play. It only takes about one minute to put on the Quest, get the straps adjusted, and set up a playing space — no matter where you are.
  • You can get in and out of VR experiences ridiculously quickly, without all of the usual complicated processes.
  • We’ve chosen to focus on the Oculus Quest as we feel that it is by far the best currently available VR system on the market. A major part of this is the fact that’s it’s wireless! This gives you the VR experience, putting the more expensive systems to shame.
  • We have curated all of our VR packages to provide the best gaming experiences. Don’t waste your time on bad games!
  • Also the Oculus Quest is ideal as a rental unit. It’s extremely quick to set up and get playing – which is what you want to be doing!

Why Rent VR?

There are many reasons why renting is better than buying when it come to VR. Here are the most important:

It’s Cheaper

It is much cheaper to rent one of our complete VR systems than if you were to buy one yourself. The headset alone costs hundreds of pounds, and then, on top of that, you have the games – these cost up to £40 each! We have a carefully curated selection of games and applications that could easily another couple of hundred pounds to the expense. Plus there’s the knowledge that these games are actually good!

Try Before You Buy

VR can be a huge expense and, to be honest, VR isn’t for everyone… you could end up spending hundreds of pounds only for it to be left in the drawer never to be seen again.

By renting one of our VR systems you get to experience a range of games and applications in the comfort of your own home. Unlike in a store with a pushy salesperson hoping to make their commission, where you only get (a maximum) half an hour. ILoveVR means that you can completely relax in your own home and enjoy VR as it if you own the system already.

Parties & Events

Having a VR system (or two) adds a unique factor to any party or event. We can supply a range of fun party games that ensure maximum enjoyment for you and your guests.

VR is the perfect accompaniment to a boys’ (or girls’) night in – Lots of games, and it’s actually fun to just watch! Also, you can’t beat giving someone a little push when they’re walking the plank!

The Games

This is not a complaint, but most of the games that are in VR are basically fun mini-games. Excellent for parties or showing off the VR format, and will greatly entertain you for an hour or two – but there are very few full-length games that you can get lost in for hours. In that respect, the Oculus Quest is perfect to rent – play the games for as long as you need to, without the expense of actually buying them yourself!

Saying that, we have curated the best available games (and there are some amazing games) into different packages, ensuring that you’re only getting they types of games that you want to play.

The Service

If you rent from us we will deliver it directly to your door, show you how to set up and use the headset, and then pick it back up at the agreed time.

There is no messing around, and we can answer questions you may have face-to-face.


This is a big one for some people and completely irrelevant for other. Oculus, our preferred VR system, is fully owned by Facebook, and many people question Facebook’s data gathering and use of this information. If you rent the system, then the only information that Facebook will gather is ours.

Different Packages

We have several different packages that, we hope, cover all of your VR needs. These cover horror, sport, adventure, party, shooters, and even educational.

If you rent our VR systems then you will get a fully-loaded Oculus Quest, that allows you to simply turn on and play.