VR Packages

If you have looked at all into the VR experience, then you have probably seen that the Quest has fewer games than it’s ‘big brother’ the Oculus Rift. This is true, and it’s another reason that we love the Quest. Let me explain; The Rift came first and got all of the games, then the Quest came along and as games need to be re-coded to work on the Quest, you only get the best games! This means that you aren’t wasting your time playing some of the, honestly, dreadful games that are out there. It’s almost like a guarantee of quality – if they’ve bothered to re-code it for the Quest, it must be worth it!

Have a look at the available packages:

It’s not all about the games though. Proving that education can be fun, our ILoveToLearn package features some of the greatest learning experiences available in VR. From touring Ann Franks’ house, to diving with sharks, to visiting the International Space Station!

When connected to YouTube, there are immersive concerts, cooking lessons with Jamie Oliver, and more – all in virtual reality!