VR Rental

VR and Self Isolation

It’s a worrying and confusing time for people all around the world right now, and also a perfect time for a distraction from all of it. This is where virtual reality comes in.

In a world of self isolation, escaping into a different world has obvious attraction, but what if you could escape into THIS world? Wander is the game for you.

Whilst calling it a game is pushing the definition a little, Wander allows you to ‘wander’ around the world using Google Maps. You can go anywhere, and with the wireless immersion of the Oculus Quest you uncannily feel as though you are actually there. You can travel the world and visit all of the places you wish you could go, or you could simply walk down your own street.

You can see actual people (albeit with blurry faces), and be within 3 feet of someone without any risk of catching any kind of virus. The maps Wander uses are from a year or two ago, which means that the world in which you are wandering is a blissful pandemic-free world, and there are some stores you can actually go into and see plentiful supplies on shelves – even toilet roll. Just imagine!

Staying Fit In Self Isolation

Maintaining (at least) a reasonable level of fitness is important in prevention of viral infection, and VR makes this fun – another important thing to consider in self isolation.

OhShapes is a fun way to get your heart rate up. It’s a virtual version of the hit TV show The Wall, encouraging you to make the correct shape to fit through the gap in the wall moving towards you – these shapes come ever quicker, forcing you to dance and move your way through the gaps. Fortunately you don’t get knocked into a giant pool of water should you fail.

Beat Saber is another fun way to get moving. In it you must swipe your ‘saber’ in the correct direction to the beat of uplifting tunes. Swinging your arms around and moving to avoid walls is surprisingly difficult (and exhausting).

If all of this seems a bit too much, there is the excellent Guided Tai Chi ‘game’, that is perfect for the wireless Oculus Quest. Offering a range of lessons lasting from three minutes to an hour, there is nothing to learn, you simply follow along in beautiful VR. Not only a relatively simple exercise, tai chi is proven to help relaxation and promote mental health; all important in these difficult times.

Be Prepared

And obviously it’s a good idea to prepare for the inevitable outcome of this pandemic…ZOMBIES!