VR Rental

Our Cleaning Habits

Obviously people’s cleaning habits have come into strong focus recently, and as a rental company, we have always had to be fully aware of what and where we cleaned our goods. Now seems as good a time as any to share this information with you.

Before the dreaded plague infected the country we gathered a large(ish) quantity of Dettol spray and wipes which we use to clean all of our products, and we even have a supply of hydrogen peroxide for if the sacred spray should run out.

The eyemask part of the Quest is removable and we use an easily cleanable latex liner, which is not only more sanitary, but also more comfortable than the standard cloth liner. We also have leather liner for those with a latex allergy.

Our Process

Before we deliver to anyone, we will spray disinfectant onto a soft wipe (never directly onto the headsets or controllers) to get it damp – not wet – and wipe all of the surfaces. The aim is to get enough disinfectant on to the surfaces to do its job without soaking it. This is why we spray onto a cloth before wiping.
For all of those annoying nooks and crannies we use cotton buds. We do the same on the carry cases.

We repeat this process whenever we get a VR package back in the office. So it has always been cleaned (at least) twice by the time you get it into your hands.


We usually hand deliver the VR package and fully explain the games and how to use it, but obviously this system has to have changed recently. Therefore our driver will now leave your package in a safe place and call you to let you know it’s there. Don’t worry, there are tutorial packages included with every headset, and if you are a complete novice, we’re only a phone call away. And the same process should be repeated when returning it.

If you want to clean it yourself, just to be perfectly sure of its cleanliness, follow the guidelines above. Make sure you don’t use a rough cloth or paper towel, as this will scratch the Oculus, and don’t use too much liquid cleaner as this will obviously damage the electronics.