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Oculus Quest VR – Updates

Facebook, parent company of the excellent VR headset, Oculus Quest – has announced its system is getting a revamp.

The new look will affect the Quest’s user interface, making it more user friendly and smoother with an effort to do something that we all already know, to that VR is indeed “the next computing platform”. The changes come off the back of customers’ feedback and “more flexible, social, and easy to use than ever before”.

Facebook came up with three new features for Quest: a redesigned menu, immersive overlays and multi-window support for some applications.

The new menu will come as a personalised dashboard, where frequently used apps are brought forward and navigation between the VR environment and 2D apps is easier; and the immersive overlay lets you bring up content, such as the menu, while staying in the app you are currently in.

I’ve never had a problem with the Quest’s interface, but one thing that could be, literally, a game-changer is that the Quest’s interface wil soonl support multiple windows at once, for users to open, close and rearrange several tasks at the same time from the same platform. Facebook is bringing support for multiple windows to the Oculus browser for now, but is planning to add more apps such as Chats and Store later on.