I Love VR

We love virtual reality (VR) and know that you will too!

We are a Manchester-based VR hire company supplying VR headsets and games to homes, schools, and businesses throughout the Manchester area. Whether you want to dance with the family, play sports with friends, or slug it out on a shoot ’em up, we provide curated packages to suit your needs! Why travel miles to spend over £20 per person for just an hour in a room, when you can get the full setup delivered directly to your door and picked up again once you’re done?!

VR Testimonials

Fantastic Service

Fantastic service, very helpful I cannot rate this enough, the kids (and me ) have had a great weekend well worth it – Matt Janicki (from Facebook)

Couldn’t Have Asked For More

Jordan came to my business to help organise a VR night for all our staff. He was extremely friendly, very patient, and a good laugh He did everything he could to make the night fun. Couldn’t have asked for more… J. Ferns  – DSS | 5 stars

Great Team Building

I didn’t know this would turn my colleagues into big kids! Great camaraderie. Great team building. Great competitiveness. Fantastic idea, will use again. Sam P. (MD) – Manchester | 5 stars

Great Family Fun

Kids loved it, I loved it, and even the Mrs loved it! Great family fun, money well spent. Kevin R – Stretford | 5 stars

Absolutely Blown Away

Honestly didn’t know how realistic this thing was! Absolutely blown away; as well as a lot of zombies!!!!! Neil, Gorton | 5 stars

Wow, Wow, Wow!

Wow, Wow, Wow! Completely changed my whole dinner party. My friends & I loved it. Very good idea. Beat Saber was the best!!!! Zoe – Didsbury | 5 stars

Funniest VR Video

Once you get your hands on the headset, take as many funny videos as you can. Send them in through email, Facebook, Instagram, carrier pigeon… for a chance to win a full weekend of VR on us!

VR News & Reviews

Oculus Quest VR – Updates

Oculus Quest VR – Updates Facebook, parent company of the excellent VR headset, Oculus Quest – has announced its system is getting a revamp. The new look will affect the Quest’s user interface, making it more user friendly and smoother with an effort to do something that we all already know, to that VR is…

Our Cleaning Habits

Our Cleaning Habits Obviously people’s cleaning habits have come into strong focus recently, and as a rental company, we have always had to be fully aware of what and where we cleaned our goods. Now seems as good a time as any to share this information with you. Before the dreaded plague infected the country…

VR and Self Isolation

VR and Self Isolation It’s a worrying and confusing time for people all around the world right now, and also a perfect time for a distraction from all of it. This is where virtual reality comes in. In a world of self isolation, escaping into a different world has obvious attraction, but what if you…

Movies on VR

Movies on VR Although still in its infancy, much like VR itself, movies in virtual reality are amazing! Invasion! Possibly the most famous – and best – VR movies, is the animated Invasion! A tale of two aliens trying to take over the world thwarted by two lovable bunnies. A beautiful, colourful animated short, Invasion! is something…

Oculus Quest Shipping Dates

Oculus Quest Shipping Dates The Oculus Quest has proven so popular that the shipping dates on purchasing new one, is in the months! The spread of the corona virus in China (and the rest of the world) has meant delays in the production and shipping of the Quest, furthering ready access to the public even…